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Although he missed the first six games of the season to recover from an injury, John Tavares increased his lead as the league's all-time leading goal scorer during the 2010 season. Tavares scored 21 goals in ten games for Buffalo, expanding his career regular season goals total to 692. He leads Gary Gait by fifty-eight goals. Gait , who came out of retirement in 2009 to play for the Rochester Knighthawks, added sixteen goals in 2010 while playing in eleven games, and has 634 regular season goals for his career.

After Tavares and Gait, the updated Top Ten includes John Grant (433), Paul Gait (410), Colin Doyle (406), Tom Marechek (399), Shawn Williams (373), Chris Gill (338), and Ted Dowling (335).

The only new member of the list is Josh Sanderson, who comes in at #10. Sanderson scored 34 goals this past season to bring his career total to 326. Sanderson has bumped Mike Accursi out of the Top Ten for now, but Accursi is onle one goal behind with 324 entering the 2011 season. Other active players who are right on the doorstep include Tracey Kelusky (324), and Pat Maddalena (314).

Top Ten List - Career Goal Scoring
1. John Tavares (692)
2. Gary Gait (634)
3. John Grant (433)
4. Paul Gait (410)
5. Colin Doyle (406)
6. Tom Marecheck (399)
7. Shawn Williams (373)
8. Chris Gill (338)
9. Ted Dowling (335)
10. Josh Sanderson (326)

In addition, Tavares extended his lead as the league's all-time leading scorer. Tavares scored 49 points (21 goals, 28 assists) in ten games played during the 2010 regular season. He currently stands at the top of the list, with 1,469 career regular season points. Tavares has scored 692 career goals and 777 assists. He has a lead of more than 300 points on Gary Gait, second on the all-time list with 1,160 points. Gait added 32 points to his career totals while playing in eleven games for the Rochester Knighthawks in 2010.

The top four remain unchanged, Tavares and Gary Gait followed by Colin Doyle (1,049) and Josh Sanderson (954). Knighthawks teammates John Grant and Shawn Williams traded places at fifth and sixth all time. Grant is fifth with 894, while Williams is sixth, just one point behind Grant (893).

The lone newcomer to the Top Ten this season was Blaine Manning. The Toronto Rock forward posted 82 points (35G, 47A), the third-highest single season total of his career, to move into eighth place all-time. Manning bumps his former teammate and Hall of Famer Jim Veltman (650 career points) out of the Top Ten.

The Top Ten list could have a lot of new names in it following the 2011 season. Several of the game's current top players are within striking distance, including Tracey Keluskey (684), Dan Dawson (678), Pat Maddalena (675), Mike Accursi (674) and Lewis Ratcliff (654).

Top 10 All-Time NLL Career Scoring Leaders following the 2010 Season

John Tavares 1,469
Gary Gait 1,160
Colin Doyle 1,049
Josh Sanderson 954
John Grant 894
Shawn Williams 893
Tom Marechek 773
Gavin Prout 738
Blaine Manning 719
Paul Gait 712

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