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Each week, Buffalo Bandits veteran Mark Steenhuis will select 20 fan-submitted queries and answer them on bandits.com. Whether it's about lacrosse, the life of a professional athlete or anything outside of the game, Steenhuis will tell you what you want to know.

Check out this week’s edition of 20 Questions with Mark Steenhuis:

Why at the begining of the game, do you walk to the center of the field by yourself? Marc N – Niagara Falls, NY

“It's something I started doing a few years ago, there is no real reason why.  It's just one way I prepare for the game.”

When you score why do your eyes get so big? Jordan – Sloan, NY

“Because I'm crazy and my eyes are big.”

What school did you grow up playing lacrosse for? I play for Medina. Zach A – Buffalo, NY

“I grew up in St Catharines, Canada.  My high school was Simcoe.  I bet you never heard of it.”

As a Rochester Knighthawks fan, I was just wondering do you get nervous when game time grows closer, or is it just another "day at the office" for you? Will F – Rochester, NY

“The nerves are always there, I like they show you care.  They go away pretty quick.”

If you could be an Olympian in any event what would it be? What do you do to condition yourself in the off season? Do you have a favorite movie? Jenna F – Orchard Park, NY

“I would be pole vaulter.  I do a lot of cardio, like running, playing squash, and keeping the stick in my hands.  Favorite movie is the boxing movie Gladiator.”

What's the best trick you do on a skateboard? Clarence – Irving, NY

“I think the best trick I do is a 360 flip with some joy thrown in to it.”

1. Out of the teams three jerseys, which one if your favourite?
2. Is your favourite colour orange?
3. How do you like your new stick?
Darrah S – Hamilton, ONT

“My favorite jersey is the third one. One of my favorite colors is orange. I like my new stick but it still needs a little work.”

When are you going to pay up on the orange SHOES? Sean (Greenhalgh) bought me orange JUICE already. It's been almost a year, mister. Shaniece – Cattaraugus Reservation

“Don't worry more orange juice is coming.”

When you travel to away games, does your family get to come with you? Jacob – Hamburg, NY

“Not too much because most of the time we’re in and out.  It's more business than vacation.”

How do you feel about having fans up here in Alberta, Canada watching you play every weekend on the web? Also please tell your manager to book a game in Calgary. I can drive three hours too watch my lacrosse idol play! Tally C – Medicine Hat, AB

“I feel very honored and thank you for the love. It's nice to hear that I have support in the west.  I will do my best about that game in Calgary!”

Did playing basketball and skateboarding as a kid provide you with any skills that translated into playing lacrosse? Steve – Elma, NY

“Skateboarding gave me some toughness with all the falls I took. Basketball was the real help. Lacrosse is really similar with the one-on-ones, pick and rolls, ball control, court sense, vision and even defense (but in lacrosse you can cross check which makes playing defense easier).”

Have you been with Bandits all your life? John – Buffalo, NY

“No my first year I played in Columbus.”

What is your favorite color? Cole S – Grand Island, NY

“My favorite colors are blue and orange.”

I've been a BANDITS fan since 1992… what’s it like playing with Johnny T? Jeff B – Cheektowaga, NY
“Thanks for all the support, playing with JT is like playing with Jordan or Gretzky it's pretty amazing.”

What's the oddest place you've been recognized by a fan? Drew – Hamburg, NY

“I think the oddest place was in the restroom at the airport in Baltimore.”

What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon to watch growing up? Jack – Grand Island, NY

“Their were a lot. If I had to break it down it would be between X-Men and Cops.”

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