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Each week, Buffalo Bandits veteran Mark Steenhuis will select 20 fan-submitted queries and answer them on bandits.com. Whether it's about lacrosse, the life of a professional athlete or anything outside of the game, Steenhuis will tell you what you want to know.

Check out this week’s edition of 20 Questions with Mark Steenhuis:

What is your favorite TV program? Jenna – Orchard Park, NY

“My favorite programs are sports programs.”

Where is your favorite away arena to play in and why? Jenna – Orchard Park, NY

“My favorite arena to play in is Toronto because the atmosphere is good and the games mean a lot.”

Why don't you move the ball sooner when you have guys open? Anonymous – Welland, ONT

“Just to make guys like you mad.  What you see when you're on the floor is alot different than what you see when you're in the stands watching the game.”

What do you mainly practice on when you practice lacrosse? Shannon – East Aurora, NY

“I try to work on all the areas of my game but most of all I work on shooting.”

Are you the captain of the Buffalo Bandits? Stephen – Buffalo, NY

“No I'm not the captain. Chris White is the captain of our team.”

How old were you when you started playing lacrosse? I want to grow up and play for the Bandits. Michael – Elma, NY

“I was 17 when I started playing lacrosse. I hope when you grow up you play for the Bandits and maybe I'll still be on the team and we can play together.”

Where did you buy your orange shoes? John – Orchard Park, NY

“Reebok sponsors our league and they make me the orange shoes.”

Is lacrosse hard for your team? Nick – Youngstown, NY

“At times it can be hard if your not winning or not playing well, but for the most part we all enjoy it a great deal.”

Do you think that the switch to younger players has hurt the bandits scoring and determination to overcome deficits of 3 goals or more? Kevin – Buffalo, NY

“No, not really. The younger players might not exactly know how to turn things around as quickly as more experienced players do, but that's where the veterans have to step up there play. The younger players that we have are learning quickly.”

I am a five year old girl and I want to play lacrosse.  There are no leagues or camps for girls until age 7.  What skills can I practice until my time comes? Darrah – Hamilton, ONT
“Your best bet would be to practice passing and catching the ball, shooting on the net, and getting loose balls. I find the best way to improve your skills, is to go to a school and practice on a wall. Just make sure there aren't any windows around. That's how I've learned most of my skills.”

Without Tavares in the line-up the offense looked to struggle. What does the team look to do to fill the void left by the best offensive player the game has ever see Brad – North Tonawanda, NY

“I think without the best offensive player in are line up everybody else has to play a bigger role.”

Do your wife and kids come to a lot of your games? Kayla – Sanborn, NY

“Hey Kayla! My wife and kids come to most of the games. It's nice that we live so close to Buffalo.”

What advice would you give a young person who is interested in doing well in both sports ant school? Jenna – Orchard Park, NY

“The advice I would give is to find a balance. It seems that both sports and school are important to you which is great. I would say that you should put your schooling ahead of your sports because your education will give you the opportunity to play sports further in life. I also think that if you’re anything like me it's pretty easy to find time for sports and a little harder to find the time for school; but I think we both know it should be the other way around. I wish you the best in both.”

How long have you played for the Buffalo Bandits? Jordan – Sloan, NY

“I am in my eighth season with the Buffalo Bandits.”

What is it like to play home games in the HSBC Arena when it is at full capacity? Doug – Hamburg, NY

“It's one of the greatest experiences I have witnessed. The fans set the atmosphere and it's electric.”

Are you guys EVER going to get a real coach? Megan – Kenmore, NY
“Our coaches are always tying to help us. There are a lot of things that go unseen.  The coaches give us (players) the opportunities and if we are not playing that well it looks bad on them. I think if we were playing better this season you might not think the way you do… or maybe you would.”

Explain how your pocket is set-up and why you like it. Jay – North Tonawanda, NY

My pocket is set mid-high in my stick. I feel that I have the best control when my pocket is like this.

Will you marry me? I also wear number No. 9 when I play lacrosse. You are fantastic on the field as so am I. Love yours truly, Katie – Chittenango, NY

“Thanks for the nice remarks.  I'm glad you have a good taste in numbers.  Good luck with your lacrosse.  Love yours truly, Mark.”

I would like to try out for the bandits next season. How would i do such a thing? Kerwin – Buffalo, NY

“We have try outs every year in November. When it gets closer to that time I would contact the team and find out where the try outs are being held.  I hope to see you out there and good luck.”

If you could not play for the bandits what team would you play for? Or would you retire? Carl – Middleport, NY

“I don't even want to think of playing for another team.  Playing for the bandits has been amazing and I hope I will always play for them.”

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