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Each week, Buffalo Bandits veteran Mark Steenhuis will select 20 fan-submitted queries and answer them on bandits.com. Whether it's about lacrosse, the life of a professional athlete or anything outside of the game, Steenhuis will tell you what you want to know.

Check out this week’s edition of 20 Questions with Mark Steenhuis:

Do you play video games? If so, what is your favorite game? Mark – Blasdell, NY

“I don’t play too many video games, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be between Mortal Combat and Mario Brothers.”

Mark, it's been well documented that you didn't start playing Lacrosse until your late teens and that before that you played basketball. Am I correct that you took your "posting up" skills and applied them to lacrosse? David G – Buffalo, NY

“I don’t know it was strictly posting up. I’m not a tall guy so I wasn’t in the paint too much, but I think it was just overall knowledge that I had from basketball that you can apply directly to lacrosse. I was able to try and use that knowledge to my benefit with things like picks and rolls. It helped for sure.”

What was it like playing in the All Star Series in Aussie? Chris K – Buffalo NY

“It was a neat experience to see that lacrosse culture travel and create different opportunities for you in different parts of the world. It was neat to see what kind of developments they’ve had on the game out there as well.”

Have you always liked your curly hair or have you wished it was different? Rebecca R – North Tonawanda, NY

“When I was younger I always wanted to straighten it. It was always curly but it didn’t get really bad until grade 8 or 9 and high school. But yeah there were times when I wanted it straight when there were the changes in fashion, but for the most part I’ve kind of liked it and it hasn’t been that big of a burden. So far.”

If you had to play for one team outside of the NLL what would it be and why? Matt – Amherst, NY

“I would have to say Manchester United. Not for anything to do with soccer, which I’ve never really played, but for the atmosphere. I think we do a pretty good job of matching the intensity level here in Buffalo, but I’m not sure there are any other fans in other sports that get into it quite as much. I guess it would be neat to step on that field and see what that’s like.”

What do you guys do after a game? Maria S – Kenmore, NY

“After a game we normally brush our teeth… take a shower… some guys shave… No I’m just kidding. We typically head over to Pearl Street and have a little after party.”

Besides lacrosse, what other sport do you think you could dominate? John – Blasdell, NY

“I don’t know about dominating anything. It would be pretty cool to go in and try to play with some of those top guys in any sport. They all interest me in some way. I couldn’t dominate anyone, but yeah it would be fun to take a run at it.”

What is your favorite movie? Dan - Gasport

“Gladiator. The old one. The boxing one. Not the one with Russell Crowe. You have to emphasize that.”

What is the most memorable game of your career? John E – Niagara Falls, NY

“I would have to say the winning the NLL Championship Game in 2008. The team we had, the atmosphere we had, coming up short a few times before… it would be hard to match that.”

Mark I have heard that you guys have another job besides being a professional lacrosse player. If you have another job what is it? Bradley C – Lockport, NY

“I have a little landscaping business that I do.”

I was just wondering what your thoughts specifically are for the upcoming season, and what us fans (me included) should be expected to see? Also, I was wondering if you believe the team will be able to compete and potentially win another? Corey – East Aurora, NY

“For sure. I think we have the team to do it. Our confidence got stronger with some guys coming back, whether through trades or guys getting healthy. Our division is stronger than last year, but that being said, so are we all around with some speed and some fresh legs. The first game was obviously a big disappointment but it was also a good learning tool for us. We know we have to play a little hungrier and a little bit harder. I’m excited for the year and the challenge ahead.”

Would you please tell us what your favorite subject in school was? Ms. Wald's Class, Our Lady of Black Rock School – Buffalo, NY

“Whatever one you teach! Kidding. I would have to go with Math and Physical Education.”

Which team do you like to play against the most and why? Lex B – Lockport, NY

“I would have to say any team that we have a good rivalry against; the Rochester, Toronto, even now we have Orlando. Any team that we’ve had big games against in the past really brings out the competition in everyone.”

Who do you think was the better Kilgour; Darris or Rich? Matt S – Depew, NY

“Tough question. I have to be careful here. It is hard to compare those two. Obviously they are both Hall of Famers who are unbelievable players. Darris had the edge offensively, but Rich was maybe an all around player and one of the best leaders in the sport. They both have their strengths and did so much for our team. Guys that play now really have the utmost respect for what they did for us.”

Who is your favorite athlete in Lacrosse and outside of the sport? Raymond H – Tonawanda, NY

“I didn’t grow up playing so I didn’t know a lot of players. At a later age when I knew what the NLL was, I was definitely watching guys like Tavares and Grant and watching what they do on the floor and learn from them as much as I could. As for an athlete outside of lacrosse, my favorite player growing up was Michael Jordan.”

Why do you have orange shoes? Tim – Buffalo, NY

“Come on Tim! Orange and Black! Seriously though, in 2002 – maybe 2003 – we had a guy named Randy Fraser on our team. He came into practice and said you’ve got to get these shoes. Sure enough they were bright orange. I don’t know why he picked me, maybe because I was new on the team, but two or three of us ordered them. We were younger and thought it would be a little bit funny, they were kind of flashy and wanted to make a statement. Mine ended up coming in first and I wore them for a game. They kind of caught fire and people ended up taking a liking to them. The other guys’ came in maybe two weeks later but they didn’t want to wear them because I did it first. They stuck with me. I guess I have him to thank for that.”

Do you like the fans, the stadium, or the city in general the most? Dylan – Buffalo, NY

“I think first and foremost I would have to say the fans. The atmosphere that we get is because of them and you don’t see that all around our league yet. Hopefully one day you will, but even when you compare them to the big teams like Toronto and Colorado – we’re probably a few steps up on them with intensity in the building. Without them doing what they do it wouldn’t be the same.”

Is your team going to get Mohawks again if you make it to the playoffs and hopefully the championship game? Megan S – Kenmore NY

“I don’t know. That was something that just caught on a few years ago. I don’t know if we’ll jump back to that or create a new version. It’s up in the air. It was a spur of the moment thing so we’ll have to wait and see I guess.”

Will you ever fight Geoff Snider? Justin – Toronto, Ontario

“I don’t know, I think it would be more along the lines of Geoff Snider fighting me. If it comes down to it, and I have to I’d obviously give it my best. I’m not sure how it would turn out though against a guy like him. I’m obviously not in that guy’s weight class. He’s a pretty tough dude.”

How would you feel if you had to play against rather than with your brother-in-law Billy Dee Smith? Nicole D – Youngstown, NY

“We play against each other in the summer and we go after one another pretty good. We’re pretty competitive guys. We have a great friendship and have traveled through the lacrosse world together for the most part. If I have a choice, I’d want to be on the same bench as him, but it has happened that we’re not and you have to treat it like any other player.”

What would be one rule, regulation, or any other aspect of the NLL that you would change, given you had the chance? Stephanie D – Corfu, NY

“That’s a good question. Being a goal scorer maybe I’d try to get the goalie equipment changed. Can  they make it a little bit smaller. Sorry. I can’t think of a good one right now, so you’re going to have to deal with that answer for today!”

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