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6/29/2017 2:20:00 PM / Steve Priolo

Instead of moving into an apartment while he plays in a summer league in Victoria, British Columbia, Bandits defenseman Steve Priolo decided to make a van his temporary residence and hit the road. Each week, he's blogging about his experiences for Bandits.com.

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When you choose to live in a van that is painted with trees, aliens, stars and the Northern Lights, the incognito factor kind of gets thrown out the window. But believe it or not, I feel as if I am still stealth camping just based on the fact I am not in a big RV. In being a normal-sized Chevy Express, it gives me the opportunity to sleep pretty much wherever a gate doesn't close. 

As long as I clean up after myself and keep moving around, I figured it shouldn't be an issue. And it wasn’t. Until the CTV interview came out. 

I've been spending most of my nights at this beautiful strip of road that has ocean on both sides and is only a couple minutes from the arena. Let's call it “the lagoon.” To me, it is the perfect place because it is very long so I won't be bothering anyone and the view is absolutely stunning. 

The publicity I am getting is great because if I can help grow the game of lacrosse by doing nothing else but being myself then that's very fine by me. 

But the publicity is a double-edged sword. After the interview came out, it was great because people would stop and say “Hi,” honk their horns and all that. But then the bylaw office wheeled in and said, "Hi, are you the guy that's plays lacrosse?" 

I said confidently, "Yes sir, I am. Would you like to have a look around the van?" 

He said, "Yeah, if you don't mind. My son plays lacrosse, and you know you can't park here." 

So that's where it stands. 

I still spend some nights at the lagoon, but with the help of my teammates and a little scouting of my own, I have found a couple places to spend the nights where there is no one around. The last thing I want to do is become bothersome to the residents or officers. Since that encounter, I have yet to have any issues with anyone (outside of the lacrosse floor). 

So life at the lagoon is still so great! Whenever I need a place to throw on the BBQ, read a book or watch the boats pass by the mountains, it's still my go-to spot. 

What this encounter has taught me is that there are so many great places that have a magical feeling of their own. It’s also taught me to keep exploring and to look for new spots to lay my head because when the sun goes down and the sky turns red, I feel right at home, living in the Van. 

You can also follow my adventures on Instagram and Twitter! We'll see you back here next week!

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